Reflections on #ETMOOC

January 22, 2013

Hoarding, curating and sharing

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Someone described themselves as a “hoarder” of information online in an earlier blog post.  (Sorry I wish I could remember who said that.  Must work on tagging.) That sent off loudly ringing bells in my head.  I, too, am a hoarder, although I don’t mean to keep everything to myself.  I collect to share.  The sticking point is, what’s the best way to share?  With a colleague, I started a PLN at my school which worked really well for many years to bring us together, share ideas, and work through projects.  I love working on professional development with teachers so we can grow together.  But I still haven’t found a truly effective way to share online.

I have great education/teaching/tech information scattered all over the place.  It’s even semi-organized (thanks to Dropbox and Livebinders).  After the session yesterday on collaborating and curating ( Introduction to Social Curation ) I am even more determined to figure out how to improve my skills of curation and sharing.  My particular concern is reaching teachers who don’t feel that they have the time and energy to go online and interact with others.  How can I streamline and simplify access to great stuff for the very dedicated and hardworking teachers I’ve worked with?  In particular, I work with a group of teachers on SmartLearning ( and have tried a few different ways to create a community online.  I am reinspired to try and redesign online access for them.  (Any suggestions?  We have a blog and Facebook page/group but they’re not very active.)

Another facet to this is streamlining my information flow.  I loved Deb Seed’s “Coping with Information Overflow” and my next immediate goal is to modify it for myself and then actual do it!  Thanks, Deb.

So, goals for now:  organize all my great resources and information, start putting it out there more effectively, create a workflow system for myself, and work more on the online SmartLearning community.

New note Jan. 29, 2013:  I found the original blog about hoarding that prompted this reflection! Thanks, Kristen Swanson!


January 19, 2013

First week of #etmooc

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Key words: intrigued, overwhelmed, enthusiastic, uncertain, determined.  I have spent the week taking part in some of the sessions (twitter, blogging, curation) and being partly reassured and mostly challenged.  I’ve got a pretty good handle on Twitter, I think, but blogging is definitely a challenge.  I have done a bit of it, but I stumble over the same thing others mentioned:  I don’t think I have anything new to say.  So this is definitely a goal for me:  start blogging regularly.  Doing #etmooc reflections is my first step.

My other significant #etmooc activity is to start getting myself on platforms I have not used yet.  So I joined Google+ and set up an page.  I don’t think I need to be out there in all platforms, but I would like to find out what works best for me.  I love Facebook (for personal — you can never have too many pictures of adorable grandchildren), Twitter (more for professional) and Pinterest (for anything).  I’ve tried Diigo but I would like to get more into it.  I actually use Livebinders a lot to store articles as well.  Evernote and Dropbox are essential, but I’m not as found of Google Drive or  As I said, I’m hoping to sort through all of these and find out what fits for me.

Another personal goal is social curation.  I have been involved in professional development in many ways over the years and I really enjoy working with other teachers.  I retired from teaching Grade 1 in June 2012 but am still working on some projects involving teachers, and plan to continue.  I want to figure out how to help and share with very busy classroom teachers who feel they don’t have time to learn the benefits of social media and technology in their jobs.  What are the easiest ways for them to start?  I am very  involved in SmartLearning (Susan Close’s work: and would love to share this process more online.

Thanks to the organizers and presenters of this course.  I”m having fun!


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